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ESR 6 @ University of Cambridge, United Kingdom


Tim Kreuz received his B.Sc. degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Saarland University (Germany) in 2017. For his Master’s studies Tim moved to Stuttgart University, Germany, where he graduated in 2019 with distinction with a degree in Materials Science and a focus on nanomaterials and polymeric engineering.

In 2018 he was a visiting student at the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) at Lund University, Sweden. In March 2019 he joined the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research in order to work on his Master’s thesis project on gradient hydrogels for intraocular pressure regulation in glaucoma therapy. After graduating he continued his work on this project as a research assistant until he joined the BIOREMIA Network in September 2020.

Tim is a PhD candidate at the Cambridge Centre for Medical Materials within the Materials Science and Metallurgy Department at the University of Cambridge (UK). His PhD project is focused on the development of antimicrobial bioactive composites with controlled resorbability.

Here you can listen Tim speaking about his PhD research work in his mother tongue (German).

Tim’s secondments and outreach activities
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