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ESR 1 @ University of Ioannina, Greece

ESR 1: Yannick Fortouna


ESR 1 project


Yannick Fortouna graduated in 2016 with a degree in Fundamental Physics from the University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse, France. In 2019, he obtained his Master's degree in Fundamental Physics (Condensed Matter Physics specialization) at the same university.

During his Master’s studies he took the chance to carry out a two-month internship in 2017 at the Centre d'Élaboration de Matériaux et d'Etudes Structurales (CEMES/CNRS Toulouse) and another internship in 2019 at the Meso-Bio-NanoResearch Center GmbH, Germany, where he worked on computational modelling of the deposition process of sodium atoms & clusters on magnesium oxide surfaces.

Yannick joined the BIOREMIA Network in August 2020. His PhD project at the University of Ioannina (Greece) will focus on understanding the early-stages of antibacterial growth on Ti-based surfaces, commonly used for dental or orthopaedic implants, by means of ab initio calculations (using DFT) and molecular dynamics simulations.

Here you can listen Yannick speaking about his PhD research work in his mother tongue (French).

Yannick on his secondments
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