Horizon 2020
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ESR 14: Minimally-invasive dental implants with improved microbiological safety from Ti-based BMGs

Project Description

Objectives:This project will take forward the design of the Ti-based metallic glasses (BMGs) for the production of minimally invasive dental implants and to tailor their chemistry and topography for optimized biofilm resistance and hard-soft tissue integration. Tasks: a) Extensive structural (glass formation/by DSC-TEM), physical (thermal stability/ by DSC), chemical (corrosion) and mechanical (compression and fatigue tests) characterization of selected compositions; b) Micro/nano-scale surface modifications based on chemical/mechanical/thermal processes; c) Effect of process parameters on the surface characteristics will be studied; d) The mechanical integrity and physico-chemical properties of surfaces studied by SEM, surface roughness measurement, corrosion tests, contact angle measurement, XPS; e) Complementary tests to evaluate if the BMGs can withstand the processing chain required for the production of dental implants (e.g. machining, sterilization, standardized mechanical tests , etc.).

Expected Results: 1) Design and evaluation of antibacterial Ti-based BMGs taking into account the medical device specific requirements and standards. 2) Proof of concept in the shape of a Ti-based BMG representative implant prototype processed in good manufacturing practices environment, combining all desired features to facilitate industrial upscaling and accelerate future product development.

The ESR will travel abroad for research secondments at different institutions of the BIOREMIA Network (e.g. at IFW Dresden-Germany, Università degli Studi di Torino- Italy, Goeteborgs Universitet-Sweden and INSA-Lyon, France) and will participate in specialised training meetings and international conferences.

The ESR will enroll in the doctoral student programme at INSA Lyon, France and will get access to the research facilities of laboratory INSA-MATEIS.


ESR 14: Yohan Douest

Anthogyr SAS (Anthogyr), France

Yohan Douest is a young engineer specialized in Materials Science who graduated from the Engineering school of the Université Grenoble Alpes (France).